Gumti just opposite Qaisery Gate of Lyallpur is now honored with light under the instructions of Mr. Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, DCO, and under the banner Lyallpur Heritage Foundation ( Sohna Lyallpur). people of lyallpur may enjoy their night walks.

Gumti was built as an ornamental feature for the sake of aesthetics for Queen Victoria when she was on a visit to Lyallpur in 1897. It had a fountain installed in the center which still exists. The City District Government has started its restoration in 2015, which was completed in June 2016. The Gumti has eight arches separated aesthetically with pillars and covered with a dome. The small British Era details can be seen at base and capital of the pillars and under the shade of the Gumti.

After Renovation

During Renovation