Environmental and Conservation Strategies Applied on Clock Tower During Renovation.

The Clock Tower is the identity and heritage of Faisalabad. It was erected in grateful remembrance of The Empress Queen Victoria. Its stone was laid by His Honour Sir Charles Rivaz, Lieutenant Governor-Punjab on 14th November, 1903. The Clock Tower was opened for the public by Sir Lewis Tupper, Financial Commissioner of the city on December 13, 1905. It is located in center of the city which is the oldest market of Lyallpur current Faisalabad that was planned on the design of Union Jack (British Flag) approved by Sir James Broadwood Lyall in 1880 (Governor of Punjab at that time).
All the materials for the erection of this majestic Clock Tower were brought from subcontinent. The skilled labor of the subcontinent shaped the stones of the Clock Tower. The shaped pieces were brought at the site and were installed according to the design by the local labor and masons in supervision of Mr. Gulab Khan of Multan. He was from the family of the masons who built The Taj Mahal in Agra.